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Do you have original Science Fiction or Fantasy pictures that you would like to see posted on this website? Use the information on this page to send us your files.   FTP Our FTP server is available to submit a picture or other file for posting on Desktop Starships.  Email us at to get the login information. Email  You may send files by email if you do not wish to use our FTP server.  Send your files to:  Attach only one or two files to each email.  If you have lots of pictures use multiple emails or our FTP server. General Information The creator of the file retains ownership and copyright of images and other files submitted to Desktop Starships.  Permission to display your images may be withdrawn at any time and we will remove them from our site within 30 days. We try to provide the highest quality Windows wallpaper to our visitors.  If a picture is not posted, it could be because it is the wrong shape or size for Windows wallpaper or the subject matter may not be suitable for the site or the quality of the render is not acceptable. If your image is posted, we will link a credit to your web site, if you have one, or your email address, or both if you like.  Please provide your credit information in your email. Desktop Starships may rename, resize and/or change the file format of any submission.  Desktop Starships reserves the right to exclude an image because of unsuitable content or poor quality.